Check out my fun scat skills used in this funny baby announcement video!


Hyperhydrosis (2006)

Friend made this movie. He describes it as “A story of drippy masculinity”

I recommend it, as well as checking out his other ones for some good visual storytelling fun.

I just think this is a song that would be so fun to play.

Like dragged out for a crazy amount of time

and then everyone would be cool with that and have a lot of fun.





Sahak Chibukhchyan 

In honor of labor day I drove around dolores park yelling “get a job”

Because I’m a dick


no one can tell you how to live your life. don’t let people judge you and don’t let yourself feel judged.

Déjeuner du Matin

Dir: Patrick Bokanowski

One of my favorite filmmakers.

So that’s why I’m gonna post a bunch of his stuffff.

I kind of haven’t made any of my stuff downloadable for awhile.

Here are some covers I happened to record for fun.

You can download them for free.

Listen/download: My Rough Covers Vol III by My Side Project

A sneak recording of a song I played at my show a few months ago. 

I wrote it for Mark Linkous.

First time playing this song for people. I apologize for the mess ups.

I covered one of my favorite Kirk C. Naylor songs during my show at The Lost Church.

Check out his music

"My Side Project is a lie while Adam Foster sings doleful pop songs about abuse, medication, and sex."

Samantha S.

my cat

Show at The Lost Church on March 14th.

I’ll have some cds there to throw at you.

I was messing around with shooting in crappy lighting. I kinda like how they turned out.